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Product Intro Process

Be acquainted with BCM Product Introduction Procedures (PIP)

Dear shoppers,

Kindly understand below standard procedure in introducing new products to a particular country/region;

1.On first entry, Products are either distributed freely to selected segments of shoppers, leaders or stockist OR sold on the stores at  a discounted rate . 

2. Based on feedback on Step 1, the production team then decides if products should be made available in the country/region or not.

3. With a positive feedback from Step,  products can be produced, price-tagged and shipped out to country/region.

4. Should the feedback on 2 not be impressive enough the team can still keep the products in stores and make them available on request. This category of products are termed seasoned products.

Most Products are first introduced as seasoned Products. Seasoned product prices can be reviewed downwards or upwards at any given time. Products get off this list overtime based on performsnce and special market need.



 Below are some Seasoned Products at present;



Pollen Tea

Health watches


24hr flask

cotton bud



Head patch

Laundry Tablet



Aloe Tonner

Orrthopedic Pillow

Stem Cell.

Products are removed or added to this list based on performance. Always check Marketing tools for Updated Seasoned Product List. 

2020-11-19 Admin

Double Destination TRIP 04

Trip Destination = Cairo & Tunisia

Shoppers below Gold Rank.

Executive Shopper at time of Promo Announcement 

Non-VIP Titled Shoppers

40,000 pv

VIP Titled Shoppers



Gold Medalist and Above 

Non-VIP Titled Gold Medalist


 VIP Titled Gold Medalist


Generate extra 5,000pv on your weak leg in addition to required PV and  get a Business Class Ticket

Points Generation percentage:  70% Weak Leg &30% Power Leg!

One Qualification per person
Promo Ends
Jan 31, 2021


2020-10-10 Admin





Associated shopper to Basic Shopper: 22,500 naira

Basic Shopper to Executive shopper: 37,500 naira

Associate shopper to Executive shopper: 58,000 naira

Executive to Super shopper: 37,500 naira

Super to premium shopper: 37,500 naira


  • You must purchase discount Voucher of atleast 5,000 naira to qualify.
  • Purchased items must include either perfume, energy bracelet or Alkhaline flask.


Promo Ends October 5th 2020.

BCM reserves the right to final interpretation of this Promo.

2020-09-17 Admin


You made it Austin

2020-09-10 Admin


You made it Idara

2020-09-10 Admin


You made it Patience

2020-09-10 Admin


You made it Edet

2020-09-10 Admin


You made it Chinasa

2020-09-10 Admin


You made it Joy

2020-09-10 Admin


You made it Judith

2020-09-10 Admin


You made it Esther

2020-09-10 Admin

Temporary Review

We announce a temporary Review in some items.

The temporary review of price, point and discount rate is regrettably as a result of constant rise in  the exchange rate which has significantly affected the cost of product shipments. 

KI slyly note that this is just a temporary Review pending when things normalizes.

Stay Safe


2020-07-05 Admin


Invite Massively To BCM Car Award

Finally Here!!!

Activities To include:

  • Presentation of Cars 
  • Presentation of Cash Awards
  • Presentation of Incentives
  • Special Recognition Awards
  • Special Recognition Cash Awards
  • Decoration of VIP Titled members
  • Decoration of Rank Attainers
  • Ground Breaking of BCM Nigeria Manufacturing Office
  • Unveiling of BCM India Manufacturing Office

2020-06-24 Admin

Discount Store Cash Promo

Shop and Get Cash back

Shop minimum of 500,000 naira and Earn Cash Back.


VIP Titled Shopper : 12% of Discount Store Purchases Within Promo Period.

Non-VIP Titled Shopper: 10% of Discount Store Purchases Within Promo Period.

Eligibility: Executive Shopper by July 15,2020

Promo Ends: 31.08.2020

Only BCM has the final interpretation to this Promo.


2020-06-24 Admin


All Payments are in Naira


Shoppers below Gold Rank.

Executive Shopper by July 31, 2020

Non-VIP Titled Shoppers

6,500pv= 100,000

11,000pv= 200,000

22,000pv= 500,000

50,000pv= 1,000,000


VIP Titled Shoppers

VIP activation by July 31,2020.

5,500pv= 100,000

7,500pv= 200,000

16,000pv= 500,000

27,000pv= 1,000,000


Gold Medalist and Above


Gold medalist by July 15,2020

Non-VIP Titled Gold Medalist

8,000pv= 100,000

13,000pv= 200,000

24,000pv= 500,000

53,000pv= 1,000,000


 VIP Titled Gold Medalist

 6,500pv= 100,000

8,500pv= 200,000

17,000pv= 500,000

29,000pv= 1,000,000


Points Generated @ 60% Weak Leg & 40% Power Leg!

One Qualification per person| Promo Ends 31.08.2020

Promo Can be Closed if Slots are exhausted before End Date

Only BCM has the final interpretation to this Promo.

2020-06-24 Admin

Kenya Trip Closure

Promo ends June 30,2020

Dear Shoppers,

All Kenya Trip Promo Extension Ends June 30,2020.

Watch Out for Next Promo!

2020-06-06 Admin

Referral commission approved

Purple Packet Only

Earn 5% on investors initial investment when you refer a purple packet investor.

Commission is paid when investor receives 1st ROI

BCM has the final Interpretation to this article.

2020-05-31 Admin



Associated shopper to Basic Shopper: 22,500 naira

Basic Shopper to Executive shopper: 37,500 naira

Associate shopper to Executive shopper: 58,000 naira

Executive to Super shopper: 37,500 naira

Super to premium shopper: 37,500 naira


Offer Valid while slots are available.

BCM reserves the right to final interpretation of this Promo.

2020-05-19 Admin

New Entry Package

New Entry package Alert

Elite Shopper

  • Entry Amount: 500,000 naira only
  • Entry PV: 600
  • Free Discount Voucher: 1,000,000 naira only.
  • Extra: Share 2% company monthly profit pool.


VIP Shopper

  • Entry Amount: 1,000,000 naira only
  • Entry PV: 1200
  • Free Discount Voucher: 1,200,000 naira only
  • Extra: Share 5% company monthly profit pool.

Profit Pool Monthly Earning Requires 100,000  naira one off Activation Fee.






2020-05-17 Admin

Investment Window Open

Join The Investment Plan

Purple Packet

  • Eligibility: Elite Shopper & VIP Shopper.
  • Minimum investment: 500,000 naira only.
  • Maximum Investment: 10,000,000 naira only.
  • ROI: 25% Quaterly.
  • Duration: 1 year.

-Capital Refundable after Investment Period.

-Roll-Over option available at the end of investment period but subject to availability of slots.


Blue Packet Investment plan

Open to all Shoppers.

ROI is paid on products purchased. Non refundable,Capital is for choice product purchase.

  • Minimum Amount:100,000 naira.
  • ROI: 10% monthly.
  • Duration: 6months only

 Investment packets have limited slots per investment window.

2020-05-17 Admin

Discount Store Entry Promo

New Registrations Below Executive Shopper To come with 50% discount voucher

Effective May 20, 2020 new registrations below executive shopper will be required to pay an additional 5,000 for Discount Voucher.


After registration, credit company with extra 5,000 then go to your discount store and request 100,000 Discount Voucher.

Payment can be made together with registration voucher purchase.

2020-05-17 Admin

Temporary Review

Kindly Note a slight review in product points and discount percentage.

The temporary review in point and discount rate is regrettably as a result of high rate in the exchange rate and cost of product shipments. 

our main product prices remain the same .

Stay Safe


2020-05-04 Admin

Upgrade Procedures

Kindly Upgrade by buying the desired upgrade package.

Dear Esteemed Shoppers,

we do hope you are staying safe while observing measures as recommended by experts.

kindly note that Effective April 10,2020 shoppers who wish to upgrade from one package to another should follow the simple steps below;

1. Purchase voucher worth your upgrade amount.

2. Pick an upgrade package on the Paid store worth your upgrade amount.

3. Send an email with a back office screen shot capturing your username, current package and the upgrade purchase to [email protected] and (or) a WhatsApp message with same details to +2349011268688.

Where an additional amount is needed to make up total product cost, a cash docket should be added accordingly.

This process takes maximum of 24hrs if appropriate credentials are provided.

kindly refer to your Team Leads for more explaination.


Be Safe.

2020-04-09 Admin

Kenya Trip Promo (Repurchase)

BCM TRIP 03| Destination -Kenya  | 7500PV Single Product & 6500pvs mixed Products..


-Mixed products should be in Ratio 30/30/40 @least. This means that the lead product in the mixed products should not exceed  40% of total products price.

Shopper can mix ad many products as necessary but must bear in mind the ratio limit.

- Only products bought in bulk of 100,000 naira minimum can count for promo.


Kenya Trip Promo ends March 31st 2020 for Repurchase Store


2019-12-16 Admin

Stockist Pay Rise

Christmas Came early; More Wins.

Dear Stockist,


It is with pleasure and commitment to serve you better that we announce a review in stockist commission.


Stockist will now be paid as follows;


1,500,000 stockist- 4% of product cost

2,500,000 stockist-  4.5% of  product cost.

5,000,000 stockist- 6% of  product cost.

This shall be the only payment to stockist except during a special promo. Voucher commissions are by this new system automatically annulled.

Immediately this is effected the company will no longer accept 1,000,000 stockist package.


To this effect, stockists are encouraged to have a physical store before March 30, 2020 and get the store inspected by the State/Team. Stockist who will not comply within the stipulated time may be restricted from making withdrawals pending full compliance.


Compliments of the season.

2019-12-10 Admin

Kenya Trip Promo

BCM TRIP 03| Destination -Kenya  | 7000PV Weak Leg & 3000PV Strong leg

Eligibility - Executive Shopper not later than 30 days after commencement of promo.

Direct Sponsorship- 6 premium shoppers (@least 2 on strong leg)OR 3500pv personal repurchase within promo period.

Flushable point: 7000pv|5000 weak leg&2000 strong leg

Discount Purchase- 4,4000,000

PROMO PERIOD- November 16, 2019 to April 16 2020




2019-11-15 Admin

Black Friday Promo

Black Friday Upgrade and Registration Promo. November 15-22,2019


Upgrade Promo; strictly on repurchase store

1. Buy items worth @least 75% of upgrade amount and get upgraded.

*Item should include cotton bud, tooth brush*


2. Buy skincare set, tooth brush and cotton bud,  get upgraded to basic shopper


3. Buy shampoo, conditioner and any skin care set , get upgraded to executive shoper.


Registration Promo

15% discount on all entry packages.

*Caveat-* Product issued are according to cash amount. Registration and product pick up for promo to be done by designated Team Leaders and Sockist only. Please contact your State Leader for guide.

2019-11-15 Admin

Promo Voucher

Attention Required


Promo Vouchers are for purchase of Promo packages. Kindly ensure to use Promo Vouchers while purchasing for a target promo.


1. Purchase a Promo Voucher From your Back Office and select a pick up store.

2. Go to the selected store and pick products worth your voucher amount.



2019-08-24 Admin
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