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About Biocaremaxplus

We are a multinational/ multidimensional production and sales company with a mission to redefine a healthy living and a more profitable shopping experience. We offer over 30 health teas blended with high quality  Chinese traditional herbs. They had been used for several generations in China for its excellent treatment effect.

Our plant and green fabric care, cosmetics, quantum energy series and beauty products are manufactured with the best standard .

Our products are pocket friendly with high quality.

Our shoppers are our top priority hence our direct sales and marketing approach to reach out to the globe.

We offer valued shopping experience.

How To Join

  • Be a registered shopper by buying any of our shopping packages below;

20,000-  24PV (Needs additional 5,000 for 100,000 worth of Discount Voucher)

50,000-  60PV (Needs additional 5,000 for 100,000 worth of Discount Voucher)

100,000- 120PV

150,000-  180PV

200,000-  200PV

  • Get products worth 100% of your entry package.

Product Analysis

Product Analysis

Compensation Plan

Being a Registered Shopper and a Promoter with BCM  comes with a whole lot of benefits;

100% point Bonus:

  • Every product has a unique point . As people in your team purchase products you accumulate 100% of their points which is used in calculating ranks and rewards.

 Entry Purchase Bonus 


Personal Point Bonus/Start Up Bonus

 Team performance bonus

Monthly Leadership Bonus

 This is a reward for team building and can only be accessed from Executive Shopper and above.

10% 1st Generation.

10%1st generation

5% 2nd generation

10% 1st generation

5% 2nd generation

5%, 3rd generation


Monthly Leadership Profit Pool

Outstanding performance are rewarded monthly through this Reward. You must be on the hghest available package benefit from the Leadership Profit Pool.

  Awards and Promos

This includes Free international Trips, Car Awards and other incentives. This is rewarded based on Team performance. Promos are announced at intervals.


Repurchase Store

L1- 4%.     L2- 3%     L3- 2.5%.   L4-2.5% 

               L5- 2%      L6- 2%.    L7- 2%       L8- 1.5%

               L9- 1.5%.  L10- 1%.  L11- 1%     L12- 1% 


Discount Store

You can purchase products from this store at amazing discounts. You need a discount voucher to purchase from this store. New Entry below executive Shopper need to pay extra 5,000 naira to get discount voucher of 100,000 at entry point.

Super shoppers can get up to 400,000 naira free voucher at entry.



Ranks come with special rewards. To access them you need to accumulate certain PVs from your Left and Right Team.



Electronic/Home appliance

Inverter/TV/tab/equivalent appliances

Car (3.5m) 150,000 free product voucher

Eligibility for Promo SUV (6m)

250,000 monthly salary

250,000 free product voucher

Outfit, Complete makeover + Hotel Accommodation for Awardee


Housing fund (5m)
250,000 monthly salary

550,000 free product voucher
Outfit, Complete makeover + Hotel Accommodation for Awardee

10million Car +700,000 free voucher Outfit, Complete makeover + Hotel Accommodation for Awardee
0.05% yearly profit sharing.

Discount Store Ranks

You can also accumulate points and attain ranks by shopping on the discount store. These ranks can also be accumulated and the rewards given along side the Main Ranks.

Free Appliances

200,00 Naira cash

1,000,000 Naira cash

3,000,000 Naira Cash and 500,000 monthly Free Voucher for one Year


7,000,000 worth SUV

Stockist And B2C Agent

You can be an agent and have a pick up centre for all products. While The Stockist distributes Entry products, the B2C agent distributes the discount store agents. Shoppers are paid commission for introducing a B2C or Stockist. Points can also be accumulated.

Kindly refer to the Business Plan in Marketing Material Column as a registered member for more details.

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Members feedback

Bcm prost care is very good . It works like magic on any prostate problems and urinary tract infection. I introduced prost care to a man whose urinary tract was completely block and he was unable to discharge urine but using prostate tea for just two days, the man was able to urinate again.  This is interesting. BCM ,Thank you.

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