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About Biocaremaxplus

We are a multinational/ multidimensional production and sales company with a mission to redefine a healthy living and a more profitable shopping experience. We offer over 30 health teas blended with high quality  Chinese traditional herbs. They had been used for several generations in China for its excellent treatment effect.

Our plant and green fabric care, cosmetics, quantum energy series and beauty products are manufactured with the best standard .

Our products are pocket friendly with high quality.

Our shoppers are our top priority hence our direct sales and marketing approach to reach out to the globe.

We offer valued shopping experience.

We also offer personalised services for people that will want to customize their own brand. BCM will produce and ship products to your choice country with all certifications in place.


our affiliation with credible real estate companies in Africa is in a bid to assist all our dedicated promoters meet the basic need of owning a house in their choice location.

In BiocareMax Plus , we are dedicated to your well being.

Join our team today and live a financial stress free life.

How To Join


Associate: $62.5 

Basic: $125

Executive: $250

Super: $925

Premium: $2,500



Product Analysis

Product Analysis

Compensation Plan

Choosing to be a Personal Business brand owner, promoter or dedicated shopper  with Biocaremax Plus comes with a lot of benefits.


If you choose to make your own brand you could make alot of profit from our premium but pocket friendly products.

As a promoter or dedicated shopper, you can earn better living working from the comfort of your home at your time amd pace. You get paid daily, weekly, monthly and yearly by choosing to use and promote our products.

More information on the comoensation plan can be found on our Photo facts page.

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Members feedback

Bcm prost care is very good . It works like magic on any prostate problems and urinary tract infection. I introduced prost care to a man whose urinary tract was completely block and he was unable to discharge urine but using prostate tea for just two days, the man was able to urinate again.  This is interesting. BCM ,Thank you.

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